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Why corporate are switching to office spaces

28 May 2021

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The world's largest companies are settled in co-working spaces in search of new ideas, talented people, objects of acquisition, as well as flexible conditions for renting and managing office space.

Over the past couple of years, several leading companies in the fields of tech, technology, and telecommunications have moved their employees to specially created co working and incubators to gain access to innovators, innovations, human capital and reduced rental costs and property management.

One of the important trends in the co working industry is the integration of elements of the incubator into their sites. This allows you to attract more startups that are just starting their work. Corporations with their employees in this co working have the earliest access to ideas, technologies, and innovators. Market leading companies want to be the first to know about the latest trends and potential targets for takeover.

To improve the exchange of ideas and support innovation. Giants IBM, Verizon, Microsoft are testing work in co working with a large number of resident-innovative start-ups. And if you have a small high-tech company and you need to be noticed, you can’t think of a better place for networking.

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